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International Press Club of Miami 2014 Events Gallery
 Journalists Workshop: Media and the coverage of the Ukraine-Russian crisis. Sponsored by the European Union Center of UM and FIU. (Click on the image for more). In Coral Gables, our Vice-president, Pedro A. González Jr at the right.
Conference on Israel and the Middle East: conflict and public opinion; Spanish journalist Pilar Rahola: "lies and all the time" about Israel and the conflict with the Arab countries. In Downtown Miami.
In the City of Miami
In the City of Coral Gables
In the City of Homestead
With María Garza, of the Mexican American Council, showing support for our brothers immigrants and their human rights. In Homestead, celebrating the 5 de Mayo.
In March, in Saint Thomas University in a conference about the Miccosukee and Seminole tribes of Florida. From the left, our VP, Dr. Vicente Rodríguez, founder and Member of the Board of the IPC-Miami, Lee Tiger, honorary member and Dr. Sony Jalarajan, faculty of the University.
In the City of Miami Lakes